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Registration Closed!!!

The TPOC is currently going through a major revamp/reprogram. New options will be available to everybody as well as regular classes. We are working as fast as we can with limited time to get all the background programming finished and up to date. You will see times the site may be down / not working / locked out until the programming is finished.

As you can see now, we have moved the site to the main page address. All of you previous posts and items should be here waiting for you, but if not, contact Athrawon.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Thank you for your interest in The Pagan Online Campus (TPOC). What is TPOC all about?  We provide free online education for those who are seeking to further their metaphysical studies.

Registration for classes is currently OPEN. If you are interested in signing up for the classes for the 2nd Quarter 2013, we recommend you read the information in this box carefully and find out how to prepare yourself by checking out the Library pages and other information on the site. By doing so, you can make yourself well aware of the process of registration and become familiar with how to navigate our site. Registration usually runs a week beyond the course start date, so you will have plenty of time to get your application in to us.  You can only apply while the registration form is open. If you are interested in joining us, we'd love to have you! Please read everything you can on the site so that you can get properly registered!

Note well: As the instructors do not offer every class every term, it may be a few quarters before some class is offered. That doesn't mean it will never be offered again. We set a limit of two courses per student per term. Take your time and study with us at your leisure. You'll gain a lot by going through the curriculum at the moderate pace.

Courses to be offered 2014:

  • To Be Announced

In accordance with the information we get from our instructors, we will post the list of offerings here in this box. The items in blue are open to anyone to sign up.  The items in purple signify that you must have taken another course PRIOR to signing up for that class.  Other courses we periodically offer may not be offered at this time.  If you are interested in those, you may want to check back here next term.  Classes are being added to our curriculum all the time. 

During Registration, check the Class Acceptances forum to see if you've been accepted to any courses you have applied to take. Please be patient with the process, too, as classes may appear on the forum list at different times, pending the instructors' opportunity to get you fully registered to their courses.

About Applying....

At the start of registration, a post goes out making the full list of the class offerings known to all site members. However, only those of you subscribed to the message boards will be able to access the application form. You MUST fill out the application form to be considered for a course or to add or change courses.

Please consult the Library pages to find the Syllabus and Supply List for each class you are interested in. You are responsible to know the material the instructors have given you on their course syllabus.

**Classes here cost nothing for the tuition/instruction, but you may be required to purchase textbooks and other items to do the work. That is why reading supply lists and syllabi is so essential. Get properly prepared in advance so you can have the best experience possible.**

These are serious courses, just like those at any university out there. We're very proud of that fact. Once again, if you desire more information about a class during the interim while we are in session, please make a post in the forum "Course Queries" or email the instructor personally. The instructors will be delighted to speak with you concerning their course content.

For a detailed step-by-step instruction on what is involved in the registration process, look in the Student Handbook section of the library at


The registration form for classes will be located on the Message Boards page. (It will be available/visible ONLY for the duration of the registration.) Make sure you are subscribed to the Message Boards and have a valid email address listed in your profile before you apply or you will not be able to see the form or receive news of being accepted.

Thank you!
Blessed be,
The Administration.

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